Device Modelling

Electron, Phonon and Spin Transport in Nanoscale Quantum Devices

We engineer electrical, vibrational, magnetic and optical properties of nanoscale molecular devices for various applications such as molecular electronic building blocks, sensors, molecular spintronics, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and optoelectronic devices.

Overview of Research Topics

Nanoscale Electronic Devices, Sensors and Applications: Theoretical and Computational Physical Sciences; Electrical, Vibrational, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Nanoscale Devices; Semiconductor Physics; Transistors and Sensors

  • Nanoscale materials modelling i.e. Quantum, phonon and spin transport; Environmental effects
  • Molecular electronics i.e. Quantum and phonon interference; Energy harvesting e.g. Thermoelectricity and Piezoelectricity; Biological sensing; Spintronic; Optoelectronics; Molecular electronic building blocks
  • Two dimensional materials i.e. Van-der Waals heterostructures; Graphene electrodes; Molecular graphene nanoribbons
  • Multiscale modelling i.e. Density functional theory; Tight-binding modelling; Molecular dynamics; Quantum transport

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Open Positions

1- One post-doc position is available for 1 year (extendable for 2 years) within Device Modelling Group. The candidates should have a PhD in nanoelectronics or a closely related field and have experience with modelling of transport properties of nanoscale junctions from first principles using density functional theory, nano-equilibrium Green's function method and molecular dynamics.

2- Three PhD studentships (three years) are available within Device Modelling Group to work on electron and phonon transport through molecular junctions. Due to the funding source, the candidates should be from UK or EU countries.

To apply, please provide a single pdf document including a cover letter, full CV, a list of all publications and contact information for two references by email to Dr. H. Sadeghi.

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  • We will move to the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick from 1st September 2019.